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T&L Philosophy

What we are about......
Our philosophy is simple, every child, regardless of background or academic ability should be given every opportunity to shine! It is our job to help them to do just that. We do not get it right 100% of the time, however we are a driven and determined staff, often working with children who have many life obstacles. It is our responsibility to ensure that our lessons have no obstacles to success. We aim to challenge and support learners and we are not afraid to try new things. These pages are designed to allow staff to share new and innovative ideas which will allow for improvements in teaching.

Staff CPD

We aim to offer staff a wide range of training opportunities. List below are some of the most recent CPD sessions delivered both in school and off site. For a comprehensive list of staff CPD for 2016/2017 please click here.
In-House CPD – STAFF TRAINING 2016-2017
 5.9.16 6th Form Teachers All How to analyse A level exam results by assessment objectives (CJ) AM
5.9.16 HODs and OTI cohort All LOTLA and OTI Training AM
20.916 OTI Cohort   OTI Module 1A All day
20.9.16 All Teachers All Classcharts Attendance Monitor training (CP) PM
13.10.16 and 14.10.2016 OTI Cohort   OTI Module 1B Videoing Individual lessons
17.10.16 HODs All LOTLA PM
3.11.16 HODs & OTI Cohort All LOTLA and OTI cohort Module 2A PM and all day
9.11.16 All Teaching Staff All Cognitive Acceleration with Laurie Smith Twilight
15.11.16 OTI Cohort   Module 2B Videoing Individual lessons
21.11.16 HODs All LOTLA PM
6.1.17 OTI Cohort   OTI Module 3A All day
19.1.16 OTI Cohort   OTI Module 3B All day
24.1.17 OTI Cohort   OTI Module 3C feedback and presentation PM
13.2.2017 All Staff All John Hattie Pupil Feedback training (SW) PM
27.2.17 All Staff All Pupil Premium Training (RD) Twilight
27.2.17 All Staff All Questioning and Oracy training (SR & MH) Twilight
14.2.17 All Staff (optional) All SMHW training (RD) PM
20.3.17 All Staff All How to use data effectively in the classroom (TH & EA) Twilight
20.3.17 All Staff All The Magenta Principles (LA & EP & KF) Twilight
20.3.17 All Staff All OTI-Sharing Good Practice (DS & SS & HH) Twilight
27.3.17 All Staff All Effective Literacy and Oracy in all Lessons (LM & MH) Twilight
27.3.17 All Staff All ADHD Foundation Training Twilght
12.06.17 All Staff All Improving Oracy and Literacy Session 2: What Makes a Successful Speaker and Writer? PM
19.06.17 All Staff All Building Confident and Resilient Learners. PM
19.06.17 All Staff All What does a Middle Ability Child Look Like? PM
3.07.17 All Staff All Effective Marking and Feedback: Workload Management. PM
4.09.17 All Staff All Extended Writing EP and LMU AM
4.09.17 All Staff All Magenta Principles: What Does a Middle Ability Child Look Like? RD and SW AM
4.09.17 All Staff All Building Confidence in Our Pupils. CJ AM
25.09.17 Interested Staff Interested Staff Evolve: How to Arrange a School Trip PM
25.09.17 Group 1 All Mental Health Training (Outside Agency) PM (TL)
2.10.17 Group 1 All Mental Health Training PART 2 (Outside Agency) PM (TL)
2.10.17 All All Building Resilience and Confidence to Enable Challenge. RD, CJ, SW, LA, JST, EP, LMU, DF PM

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West Derby School
364 West Derby Road
Liverpool L13 7HQ
Headteacher : Sian Graham Contact Member of Staff : Lorraine Rigby
Chair of Governors : Karen Callant SENCO : Helen Howe



How do you find us?

Travelling By Car: Visitor parking is off Bankfield Road
Travelling By Train: Broad Green/Wavertree Technology Park.
By Bus: From Liverpool city centre – Numbers 15, 13 and 12 routes

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