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Sharing Best Practice

Below you will find some lessons delivered by our staff. The aim of this forum is to give people ideas and resources, to try out new and engaging teaching and learning techniques. If you found something that worked particularly well for you please let us know!
Science: Reduce & Replace Lesson (Magenta Principles)

8D3 (07/07/17): I asked students to read a paragraph outlining how the greenhouse effect occurs. Students worked individually to select 6 key words. They then worked in a pair to further reduce and then as a class we discussed and reduced. The next task asked students to replace the text with a diagram/picture of global warming by using the information in the text. This worked with varying success, the brighter students worked well and a sample is attached. Weaker students needed more support and got hung up on “how do I draw a gas”.

Amazingly some students were able to produce a diagram very similar to that found in the textbook/online, without ever having seeing it before! Overall, the lesson went well. The boys enjoyed it. Timing was an issue and I will need to watch this. My next plan is to use another replace activity where students will have to answer the question ‘What can cause global warming? You may not use the words greenhouse effect, heat, gases or absorb in your answer’.

Lesson Resources (feel free to download and change for your subject!)

D Feeney
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Science: What best describes........
8D2 (01/12/17): This lesson was the start of a new topic called 'Metals and Acids'. Before looking at how acids and metals react, it was important that student know how to identify a chemical reaction. At the start of the lesson, students were grouped and give the grid below. They were ask which image best shows a chemical reaction. The responses from the students were fascinating, the majority of the group went for the fried egg as it changed colour. Some students were able to describe how the man eating food linked to a chemical reaction. Interestingly only one student selected the leaf and he was able to use knowledge from his biology lessons to describe the chemical reaction that takes place inside a leaf!

Science: Summary & Detail
12BTEC (04/12/17): In this lesson students were looking at epithelium tissue types. Students were broken into 3 groups and asked to summarise in one sentence what epithelial tissue is. Students then had to delve into the detail of the different tissue types and diseases associated with the tissue type. Each group presented their findings. Students then analysed each other’s work and were asked to highlight 5 keywords on their peer’s flipchart. These words were discussed and added to the board and used to reduce down to a common set of words/phrases describing epithelial tissue. Students came to the conclusion that if the use 'W' as a guide they can better remember and understand the content. WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, HOW.


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