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‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest ‘

‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest ‘

We are very proud of our year 12 drama students who performed an adaptation of Dale Wasserman’s ‘One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ on Friday the 13th May. The cast performed a professional and engaging rendition bringing their characters to life with confidence and energy. The group were exceptional in the way they prepared and rehearsed the play as well as during the productions. In the end, it was performed four times to school audiences and once to the public and their ‘A’ level drama examiner. Following their exam, the students returned some props and costumes which were borrowed from a local care home for elderly people with dementia. This was a very worthwhile visit and you will find some comments below which explain from the students themselves.

We wish them all of the very best in their exam results!
“What I like about the play personally was it was really fun to act in because it was different to all the other plays we had looked at. Also I liked to play my character  because I had to change the way I would normally act to suit this role. Now that we have done this play I feel more confident about my performances and also think my drama has become more effective in performance. I am looking forward to next year in case we do anymore plays like ‘One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest’. “
“For our production of ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, we borrowed some pieces of equipment from Thomas Leigh Care Home to use as props. The care home offers care for elderly residents in Liverpool who suffer from dementia. On Tuesday 17th May, some boys from our AS Drama class at West Derby School visited the home to return the equipment and talk with the staff and some of the residents. During our short visit, we talked with the residents and found out a little bit about them, including some interesting stories about their personal lives. When asked about the care home, residents said that the living conditions were excellent, the rooms were well kept, the staff were very friendly and the food was good. We talked about possibly performing some short scenes for the residents in the near future, and we’re very excited for a return visit!”
“On Tuesday 17/05/2016 I and my peers visited Thomas Leigh Care Home. I enjoyed the 30 minutes that I was there for as most of the residents I met had a unique persona to each of them. I found them quite interesting when they spoke to me about their occupation when they were younger and they told me about how they love where they currently live (Thomas Lane). I sat for 20 minutes with a gentleman named Bono. Bono was an extremely funny guy with so many jokes and tricks up his sleeves. His personality was really funny and extremely kind and Thomas Lane certainly is the place for him. He brings happiness and joy to his fellow residents and he is a bundle of joy. Thomas Lane is an amazing place that looks after the residences with the best possible care and treatment they can provide!”
“On the 17th may we went to Thomas Leigh care home and met some of the workers and patients. I really enjoyed my time while I was there especially speaking to the patients about the life stories because it was really fascinating but also upsetting because of how they act. The people who I spoke to was Nelly, Derrick and Bono. All these patients all had different types of stories to tell about what jobs they have done and also things they have done in life. The person I spoke to most was Nelly; she talked to me about her having a job in the Wellington pub and how long she worked there for. Nelly also talked about her family and what happened and why she was in the care home. I found this really fascinating about how long she worked for and everything but found it really upsetting when she talked about what had happened in life with her family around it. The best thing about it is you don’t look at them as if they have an illness you just think of them as normal people who have interesting stories to tell.

We enjoyed our time there that much that me and my drama class are going to perform something for them in the coming weeks because putting a smile on their face can make a big difference.”


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